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Kefei Hgh and Hygetropin Hgh are  Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Somatropin produced with recombinant DNA technology identical to the body naturally produced HGH.

Kefei Hgh and Hygetropin Hgh are  a synthetic 191 amino acid sequence identical to the human growth hormone produced naturally in the body by the pituitary. by being identical i n structure to the bodies own HGH,there is very little risk the body will create antibodies to Kefei and Hygetropin Hgh.

Kefei Hgh and Hygetropin Hgh are HGH identical to natural HGH and stable un-refrigerated in room temperature for over 3 weeks before reconstituted with the solvent.

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Hygetropin comes in 200iu boxes (25 vials of 8IU each)


You get about 66.5mg of Somatropin in each box

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Kefei comes in 40iu Kits and 100iu Kits (4 iu or 10 iu vials)
you get about 33.25mg somatropin in each kit for 100 iu kefei.
you get about 13.3 mg somatropin in each 40 iu kit kefei.
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Latest Hygetropin Lab Test Results

Ok chaps, I pinned 10IU Hygetropin at 11:40 am, have a Dr appointment at 1:30 PM to get a rec for a GH serum test and to check my levels of TRT. Gh serum tests take about two weeks to come back from the labs here so please be patient.

My vials are the 8IU version, no labels due to reasons etc. I filled two vials with 8IU of Bac water, took 2IU out of one vial and added it to the first vial to have a 10IU shot.

I am going out on a limb here by saying I think these are good due to the fact I have really sore knees, just like growing pains as a teenager, plus lower back soreness. Holding reasonable water too. So we will see if the symptoms are a good indication of good GH....

Stay tuned.


PS: Will be able to show my test levels on 1.5ml of Depo test as well (100mg/ml). Currently taking this every 10 days.


Latest Kefei Hgh Lab Test Results


IGF -1 is the only test that can be ran to determine your Growth Hormone level.

My Dr tests everything for me and each time my Growth Level is HIGH.

IGF is insulin growth hormone factor, the only booed test that tells your Growth Hormone levels.

If low I could get from my Dr but of course they charge more than you and I like doing business with you, for a couple of years now we have had a great relationship. So I know the Kefei is really good :)

One loyal customer from USA

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How Kefei HGH Works ?

The effects of Human Growth Hormone on the impacted tissues of the human body can generally be described as anabolic.  Anabolic refers to a synthetic phase of metabolism known for building up tissues and organs. Human Growth Hormone is a protein hormone. read more

Benefits of using Human Growth Hormones ( HGH ) ?

Millions of people all over the world take HGH supplements in the form of injections, sprays or tablets to enjoy a multitude of benefits that come together to make up what is sometimes referred to as “the fountain of youth.” read more

Human Growth Hormone Controversy: Dispelling the Myths

There has always been a degree of controversy surrounding genetically engineered substances and their uses.  Human Growth Hormone is no different.  There are opponents that would like to see its use brought to a halt altogether.  There are also HGH opponents who consider that use of the hormone for treatment of medical conditions is acceptable, but that HGH replacement therapies for anti-aging, weight loss or other purposes is wrong.  read more

Human Growth Hormone is Safe

As with anything, excesses can cause adverse results, so care must be taken.  However, in terms of taking low-dose Human Growth Hormone to alleviate symptoms of aging or to help advance weight loss, deliberate and regulated therapy is safe.  It is advisable to begin treatment under the care of a physician or anti-aging specialist who can help determine the proper dosage to achieve the results you desire.   read more

HGH Review

Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring chemical, produced and secreted by the pituitary gland.  Naturally occurring HGH is responsible not only for growth and height increase in human children.   read more

Human Growth Hormone Warnings

Normal use of Human Growth Hormone in low dosages is generally considered safe.  Documented risks of HGH supplementation are few and uncommon.  This is evidenced by the fact that HGH therapy is primarily used for children with growth disorders.  read more

Real Life Stories About HGH

In a 2007 CNN Medical news story, Caleb Hellerman reported the story of Ed and Beth Lothamer.  Ed Lothamer, now 66 years of age, was a defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He played in two Super Bowls during his football career, then retired and built a thriving construction equipment rental company.  In describing how he felt before starting Human Growth Hormone treatment, Ed said, “I was getting a little sluggish. I wrote it off as, 'I'm just getting older.’”  read more



  -  Lose Weight while you Sleep without Dieting  Exercise!

  -  Experts in the New England Journal of Medicine, report that Human 

     Growth Hormone therapy makes look and feel 20 YEARS YOUNGER!

  -  Body Fat Loss 82% improvement

  -  Wrinkle Reduction 61% improvement

  -  Energy Level 84% improvement

  -  Muscle Strength 88% improvement

  -  Sexual Potency 75% improvement


At the moment HGH is popularly noted within bodybuilding for it’s substantial anabolic, muscle-building features coupled with its lipotropic properties (i.e. the breakdown and utilization of body fat). read more


A compelling body of evidence now exists that backs up the idea that human growth hormone is beneficial against the many effects of aging.

Click here to read all the articles




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